Focus and Scope

Nursing Care and Health Technology is an open access journal, publishing peer-reviewed articles on a wide spectrum of issues relating to the Nursing Area, Environmental Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Occupational Health, and Other aspect of health. The Journal aims to educate, inform, update and act as a forum for standard setting for health professionals working with individuals and communities with health problems.
Nursing Care and Health Technology published with the following objectives:
- Promotion of specialized health knowledge and providing the perfect platform to exchange experiences and new scientific achievements.
-Contribute to the development of health technology in the field of environmental health science and engineering, pollution and disease control, safety and promoting health education.
- Production and dissemination of knowledge in order to promote scientific and technical knowledge of health professionals, engineers, experts and other interested people to science and technology community health and health-related issues.
-Improving communication between educational and research centers and between researchers and experts in order to transfer and exchange of experiences and learning and the acquisition of new scientific achievements at the national, regional and international levels.